An Acrostic Poetry 


SERANA, /seuh ran" euh/, noun.,  from serana [ serana = last name of poet, David G Serana, American ] name of an oratorical poem, strictly acrostic in structure, and classical in form that is; with consistently uniform and metered lines and standard rhyme patterns, composed of a stanza or stanzas of acrostic lines in iambic pentameter,  with rhyme pattern or a random combination of these rhyme patterns;  a/a for a stanza with two lines, or a/a/a for a stanza with three lines, or a/a,b/b for a stanza with four lines, or a/a,b/b/b for a stanza with five lines, or a/a,b/b…x/x for an even stanza with over four lines to end in heroic couplet, or a/a,b/b…x/x/x for an odd stanza over four lines to end in poetic triplet or tercet, or /x/ for a one line stanza, it follows the rhyme of the preceding stanza or /a/ it sets the rhyme if no stanza precedes it; if more than one stanzas, the stanzas are numbered in Roman numerals; each stanza composed of lines outlined after the letters of the complete title or complete name of a person of tribute written to be orated in commemoration of birth day;  especially, the prototype serana is of WARREN BUFFETT entitled Serana to WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT, CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, THE ORACLE OF OMAHA, THE HUMBLEST MAN IN THE WORLD as tribute to W.E. Buffet’s 78th birthday on August 30, 2008 or b: serana, an acrostic classical poem of apotheosis or highest literary tribute orated to a person with or c: serana,  a classical poem, acrostic of a word or words phrase or phrases orated as a tribute to nature or d: serana, a classical acrostic poem  orated and presented to the person or the person in behalf of the subject of tribute.

                                                    Serana To SERANA
---by poet David G Serana

            Sound acrostic verses to adorate

Exclaim, admire, praise; tributes to create

Reveal the significance of all things

A poetry; what truth or beauty brings

New literature to comfort the mind

A wisdom outlined from letters to bind


---by poet David G Serana

isdom systemized in a complex net

            Information metropolis is set

            Knowledge super way spins in liberty

            I learned many things out of rafferty

            People,events, places, things, organized 

            Exposed, refined, edited, scrutinized

            Deleted, published; found truth accepted

            Information errors intercepted
                        An ingenuity unexcepted!

               Serana is the world’s newest form of poetry. Serana is an oratorical acrostic poetry; or an acrostic poem composed to be orated before the person or symbolically, before the subject of tribute. A serana that is composed as a tribute to a person is outlined after the letters of the complete name or title of the subject person. The first serana is written as tribute to Warren Edward Buffett, title and acclamation: Serana to WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT, CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, THE ORACLE OF OMAHA, THE HUMBLEST MAN IN THE WORLD. The Serana to Warren Edward Buffett... expresses the admiration of Warren Edward Buffett as a man of greatest wealth as well as a man of greatest virtues and values; whose immense wealth has never altered his simple way and frugal living.

Here is the complete copy of the prototype serana, the longest and most beautiful acrostic poetry ever written with 110 lines in iambic pentameter:
Serana to


What wealth is greater than deserving it?
A measure of life’s worth, a scale to fit
Reflect the story of the humblest man
Replete with virtues wished by every one
Endeared for ultimate significance
No one compares, his life is not by chance



Endowed with mind that sees beyond the sight
Dared since his youth the dauntless rise to height
Where dream is led by wisdom and the heart
Aims highest where good sense does not depart
Rough times are where his tested strength builds in
Decides with faith and prudence to begin



Bear peerless virtue of frugality
Unrivalled customs of simplicity
For his heart’s wealth and true magnificence
Fetched man’s welfare to great munificence
Elect the world to be the better place
To give man’s full enlightenment a space
The Truth and Light to shine from heaven’s grace



Created possibilities unseen
High rationality, men have not been
A mighty mind that cannot fail and tire
Inspire the youth and dream’s immortal fire
Rise to become imagination’s peak
Mount Everest a Man! So grand yet meek!
A grandeur unmolested by no pride
No ostentation, no pretense to hide



A richer man than all his wealth combined
Name and stature, fine character defined
Does heaven’s honor, vanity confined



Crown is flamboyant as true ornament
His humbleness is unstained sacrament
I wrote and yet to write the noblest rhyme
Extol his meekness, worthy and sublime
Forever to be known beyond our time



Each admiration versed into this song
Xylophones, drums, trumpets; softly along
Ensemble of hymns for a humble birth
Celebrate a life that touched lives on earth
Unheard music be played for unheard praise
To honor him that caused our hearts to raise
Inspiring dreams and goals for everyone
Visions to care, sustain and uplift man
Enduring life with great things he has done



Odes of tribute spoken for him to hear
For his life is sun that shines far and near
For many known impossibilities
In dreams he works and makes realities
Creates his way a shining light to see
Each goal as part of mankind’s destiny
Revive heart’s burning fire in you and me



Our living treasure of posterity
From this age be known beyond memory



Be known a fortune more than worldly wealth
Envy no sight but immaterial health
Reared by fine virtues years cannot deface
Key to true riches is to live in grace
Simplicity is perfect in his ways
His modesty shall shine in all his days
In such magnificent humility
Respect for him deserves the royalty
Earth’s humblest man is his identity



How can a man be richer than his wealth?
An honest man who does not work in stealth
That deals in righteous Light and higher cause
He who upholds the fair Truth; win or loss
Accepts the universal rule of life
Wisdom is power to overcome strife
Attain the core of knowledge; king of all
Yes rise and to be wiser not to fall



True incarnation of free enterprise
He moves by wisdom, faith; not by surprise
Ensure gains; protect growth, and stabilize



Ocean of God’s kindness, stays deep and wide
Roar soft winds to Earth, human pain subside
Anointed White Whale, steward of the deep
Cultivate ocean’s bounty, Earth to keep
Live among us; you prophecy, fulfilled!
Each hope to wish comes true; your fate has willed



Outstanding victory! Bliss every one!
Faith in the human goodness we have won!



Our honor for you is to honor live
More for this planet; to get less than give
A part of you in us; you lead us there
Heaven on earth; selfless sharing is fair
A life of kindness is true wealth to share


Take us into the Eden of your mind
How poverty of virtues makes men blind
Entrust life’s bequest; insights rare to find


Hail man of virtues! No words thus express!
Unspoken awe profused; in hearts impress
More praises in the mind to think than thought
Be found the epitome our age has sought!
Laurels for your head; simplest offering
Each man and woman in this world will bring
Spring inspirations; pure hearts overflow
To keep your legacy; in us to grow


Man is God’s perfect form; God’s highest thought
Archetype existence consciousness sought
No life is not destined; all fates are wrought



In you lies Grace, Almighty to be known
New savior of our time; your kindness shown


The light that shines brightest comes from the heart
Humankind is universe’s sole part
Earth and man; is God’s only living art


Warren; named with the stars, God’s ordained name!
Our mind; enkindle, with your wisdom’s flame
Reveal your vision; mission to embark
Light is your life; light our hope in the dark
Darkness and heart’s fears dispelled by your spark!

To promote environmental awareness and natural conservation, a Serana may be written outlined after the letters of names of nature. Examples of written Seranas to nature are herein below:

*Serana to ANTS

    ---by poet David G Serana    


Active empire builders, toilers of ground

Nature’s great unstoppable workers found!

Transform dusts into the celestial hill

Share no man’s wisdom only instinct’s will



  *Serana to BEE

                                                  ---by poet David G Serana 


Beautiful bright marbles, nectar-seeker

Every flower’s friend; true flower’s helper

Each flight sprinkles bloom to a bare bower



                         *Serana to EARTH

                  ---by poet David G Serana


Endowed of love and life; they, you, we, see!

A mirror ball; we dance, we roam, we free!

Rainbow skies and flower lands blooming bright

The sun bathes in ocean shines foamy white

Heaven is paradise here! Wondrous sight!



                           *Serana to FISH

                    ---by poet David G Serana


Flowing in the water, happy and free

Individually painted; colored glee

Stripes of artistry! Jewel fins and scales!

House lakes and oceans, children of great whales!



            *Serana to IRAQ

 ---by poet David G Serana



Indivisible land of two rivers

Resources of our God’s love and powers

Are great wealth hidden each valley and glen

Queen of nations; gracious mother of men




            *Serana to STONE

      ---by poet David G Serana                         


Seen, most unnoticed, scattered throughout Earth

Time’s faithful companion since matter’s birth

Origin unknown; God’s crystal powers

Now become halls, palaces and towers

Earth’s strong bones and universe’s flowers




            *Serana to TREE

       ---by poet David G Serana


Tower rising up the skies with green cloud

Raining fruits and flowers; verdant and proud

Embraces birds and animals below

Earth’s husband; faithful father’s bounties show

A serana may also be written outlined after the letters of companies, institutions, concepts and ideas like these examples;


 ---by poet David G Serana

                                                Under the flag of the United States
                                                New lands are freed, the Army liberates
                                                Inspiring Freedom and Democracy
                                                That people be self-determined and free
                                                Emerge bright hopes from any tyrant reign
                                                Destroy oppression, human rights sustain

                                                Serve the Free People of this Mighty Land
                                                Terrorism and evil threats withstand
                                                Assure our fighting faith seethes in our Blood

To arise as Steel in the name of God
            Elevate the Mission above our life
            Secure accomplishment in every strife

                                                Army of the People; the lance and shield
                                                Remain the protector; restore and build
                                                Makes society peaceful forever
                                                Yield never to evil; never, never!


---by poet David G Serana

 Master of programs, computer software

                 Information undone from full to bare

                 Create the WORD from nothing to something

                 Rewrite intelligence for everything

                 Offer universal program syntax

                 Systems of communication relax

                 Our civilization is more defined

                 Fast processes to best outputs designed    

                 The Wow! The wonder of the human mind!        


  ---by poet David G Serana


                                                We hold our faith and heart beyond the night
                                                Our vision stayed unmoved by fear or fright
                                                Restored is firm hope by the rising sun
                                                Light from above had made the struggle won
                                                Democracy and Freedom is not gone!

                                                The will in every heart grows bold and strong
                                                Redeeming spirits from the evil wrong
                                                A devil’s force can never ever win

Demonic schemes born out of ire and sin
            Ensure that triumph and glory begin!

                                                Come celebrate the victory of all
                                                Enthrone our heroes of September fall
                                                No darkness can devour the light we raise
                                                The torch shall burn forever, this we praise!
                                                Ever strong America! Ever strong!
                                                Resound trumphet of our victory’s song!


Serana* To YOUTUBE
  ---by poet David G Serana

You are the center of the universe
            Out show your talents and your skills disperse
            Unleash your beauty for the world to see
            The marvelous glory in you and me
            Use video wonders to enthrall the mind

                                                Broadcast yourself and your true self we find

Express yourself! You are one of a kind!





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